Abstract submission

Communication formAll presentations will be posters (a maximum size of 90cm wide and 120cm high), except from those chosen by the scientific comittee, which will be presented as oral communications.

Communication form should be filled and submitted by email to the organization (prion14@unizar.es) before 5th November 2014, following these instructions:

File type: Word.

Format: Font: Times New Roman. Size: 12pts. Line spacing: simple.

- Thematic area: select the area in which your work is included:
· Prion diseases in animals
· Prion diseases and Prion-like diseases in humans
· Prion structure and biology

- Title: in capitals, bold type and centered.

- Authors: bold type and centered (surname and initials of the first name, without point or space). Authors separated by commas. Superscript to show the affiliation. Author who will present the paper should be underlined.

- Affiliation: Centered, not bold. Indicate the contact email adress.

- Abstract: it should not exceed 300 words. Justified.

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